Mission Statement
To provide Supported Living Services to make a visible and measurable difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities through the provision of a person centred approach working to the standards of ‘The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014’.

Our aim is for all the people we support to be able to answer yes to each of the following statements:
  • I am safe and not being taken advantage of in any way
  • I am safe from all forms of abuse and neglect
  • I am safe and secure in my home
  • I have a care plan planned around my needs which is regularly reviewed
  • I receive care delivered in a dignified manner
  • I am not discriminated against for my chosen lifestyle
  • I am not discriminated for any disability I have
  • I am shown privacy at all times
  • I am listened to
  • I am treated with sensitivity for my needs.

Hallmark Supported Living’s objectives are:
To treat Service Users with Respect and Dignity, Promote Rights, Independence, Choice and Inclusion, to acknowledge and respect Service Users gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, race, religion, culture and lifestyle. To assist in the coordination of the Individuals ‘Circle of Support’ to achieve these, to recognise that All Support Workers are visitor’s in the Service Users home(s)
To provide high quality professional, reliable, and personalised care that meets the needs. To ensure the personal safety, physical well-being, security of their property, and respect the Service Users privacy
To employ, train, develop, and maintain Staff that are reliable, Punctual, able to use own initiative, flexible, honest, have energy and enthusiasm, intelligent and competent and willing to provide care that integrates best practices in care delivery with an attitude of treating the client with compassion and dignity.
To ensure our managers are of sufficient quality, suitable to faithfully carry out our aims and objectives and meet or exceed standards set by applicable regulations. We strive to ensure our managers have high quality infrastructure and on-going professional development to help achieve our aims and objectives.

How do we reach our ‘Aims and Objectives’?

We meet the above aims and objectives by working to policies and procedures that promote high quality principles that take into consideration rights, privacy, independence, security, civil rights, choice and fulfilment.

Before we provide a service, we ensure that service user needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed, either by one of our trained and experienced staff or by the Local Authority. We aim to ensure that Hallmark Supported Living Ltd meets the assessed needs of each service user, that needs are re-assessed as frequently as necessary, and that the care and support provided have the flexibility to respond to changing requirements.
We ensure that our staff are trained to your level of need. We monitor and review staff performance through supervision, observation and appraisal. Throughout periods of sickness and holidays we endeavour to provide the same level of care for the service users as they usually receive. This is accomplished by utilising senior members of staff to provide cover themselves if they cannot find an alternative replacement that is suitable.